Breaking Barriers

Malcolm Nix is repsonsible for the booking of the bands for Breaking Barriers, the annual alternative festival in Leuven's music center Het Depot. Breaking Barriers started in 2016 as a celebration of Punk's 40th anniversary. Since then, the festival tries to make it clear that the city of Leuven in spite of all the urban embellishments, rising rents, superficial student fraternities and obsolete franchises of expensive fashion brands, still has an underground scene. Another purpose of the festival is to offer smaller alternative bands from various countries a chance to play on a large stage in Belgium.

The next event will take place on the 20th of May 2022 and is titled 'Breaking Barriers presents: Pussy Riot 'Riot Days' + Hetze & H├Ągar the Womb'. Although originally not conceived as such, this has basically turned into a fundraiser to allow the members of the Pussy Riot collective to pay for their ever-increasing legal costs, because they are obviously still on the blacklist of the dictator in the Kremlin. When we booked this concert in October 2021, we couldn't foresee we'd be on the brink of a new European war a few months later. Hopefully Pussy Riot and the other intelligent voices in Russia will prevail and hopefully all Russians will one day be able to live in a country without authoritarian leaders.

The link below provides information on what's planned for the upcoming edition of the festival.

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