De Brassers

De Brassers, roughly translated as 'The Squanderers', was once described my a music journalist as 'the most stylish of all disruptive transmissions'. The band was founded in 1978 and although they were clearly influenced by British pioneers as Joy Division, The Sex Pistols and Cabaret Voltaire, they quickly developed their own signature sound, which perfectly matched the dark mood in which  these kids had to grow up. The news was dominated by the Cold War, manifestations against economic crisis and unemployment, police violence and a lack of perspective. In 1980, they released 'En toen was er niets meer', a cult single that is still up there with all the other postpunk classics.

The band split in 1982, but ten years later they revive their ominous sounds and head for the stage again, often with more success than during their first years. Their old releases are now pricy collectors' items, but luckily all their songs can be found on various compilation albums.

Their most recent release is 'Alternative News' from 2020, a recording of their concert during the Breaking Barriers-festival in the Belgian venue Het Depot.

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