Below you can find a calendar with all concerts and other events involving the artists we work with. We try to keep this information up-to-date, but in order to get all practical info, it's always a good idea to check out the website of the promoter or the event as well.

- W-Fest, Oostende
The very fist live performance by PESCH, the new project of Peter Slabbynck, Chesko and Sam Claeys, will also the start of W-Fest, a four-day festival at the Belgian coast featuring a lot of other big names from the Belgian underground. PESCH will finally be able to confront the audience with their interpretation of EBM, while simultaneously presenting the songs on their first mini-album 'Melba'.
- Sinner's Day festival, Sint-Truiden
Struggler will use the occasion to show the audience of Sinner's Day this band is still relevant, both in their message and in their music.
- Sinner's Day festival, SInt-Truiden
The up-and-coming talented band Korinthians get a well-deserved opportunity to play the Belgian Stage of the Sinner's Day festival.
- Sinner's Day Festival, Sint-Truiden
Dead High Wire is one of the many lesser known bands who get a chance to play on the Belgian Stage during this festival.
- Club Brugotta, Brugge
Once more, the veterans of De Brassers share a stage with Red Zebra, this time in Brugge's cultural center.