Below you can find a calendar with all concerts and other events involving the artists we work with. We try to keep this information up-to-date, but in order to get all practical info, it's always a good idea to check out the website of the promoter or the event as well. A list of past concerts can be found here.

- Oefenbunker, Landgraaf, Nederland
The dedicated people of the Wave Invasion collective are yet again inviting a few international post-punk bands, with Korinthians in the role of the Belgian delegation.
- Rocktopus, Gistel
The line-up hasn't been fully announced yet, but with this merry band of skanking miscreants, nothing can go wrong.  
- Het Depot, Leuven
Het Depot provides an alternative to those who can't or refuse to attend a large festival. Anzahlung is the new electro project of The Shend and Joe91 of The Cravats. This is a true world premiere, because they're traveling from Brighton, UK, to Leuven, Belgium, for their first live performance ever. Doganov is a steamroller of industrial electro sounds that leaves no-one unscathed. Some may find it too extreme, but they are wrong. Very wrong. After the concerts, there's a free afterparty with music that will keep people awake.
- Radio Benelux
Due to the unavailability of a band member, this live session had to be postponed. The new date will be announced shortly. This is free of charge. It's radio. I don't think there will be a person at the door charging listeners money before they can enter.
- Rock voor Specials, Evergem
Mise*En*Scene is just one of the many bands who will perform during this year's edition of a festival aimed at people with a disability. Hopefully the weather will be sunny, because the music will be festive.
- Na Fir Bolg, Vorselaar
Mise*En*Scene is visiting The Kempen, where they will set the stage on fire with their envigorating ska sound.
- Zeehelden Festival, Den Haag, Nederland
Korinthians is the only Belgian band on the bill of this free festival in the center of Den Haag, but they will definitely prove Belgium still produces relevant underground music.
- The Hairy Dog, Derby, UK
Pretty Addicted will be pretty addictive again, as usual. The name of the support band will be announced later.
- Gentse Feesten, Kinky Star, Gent
During de Gentse Feesten, one of the largest city festivals in Europe, there are plenty of concerts in various locations. Kinky Star has invited a promising young alternative band who deserves everyone's attention.
- Club Antichrist, London
A bizarre evening in a bizarre environment just asks for a soundtrack reminiscent of a diabolical playground attraction.
- Kendal Calling 2022, Lowther Deer Park, Kendal
Huge festival in the beautiful Lake District with lots of popular live bands and DJ-sets, but also stand-up comedy, a stage where the BBC introduces its own suggestions and the stage of Earache Records, who have invited Millie Manders. The festival lasts for four days and the precize timing hasn't been announced yet. The date mentioned here is indicative and can still change.
- Effenaf Festival, Tielen
The line-up hasn't been fully announced yet, but the lively gang of Mise*En*Scene will provide the necessary party atmosphere. This festival is completely free, which will surely be appreciated.